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mIRC 2017 Features:
  • It has added Shift-F3 key support in scripts editor.
  • It has changed sound to use the TagLib library.
  • It has fixed switch bar/treebar display bug.
  • It also has fixed timezone/daylight savings bug.
  • It helps to update libraries to PCRE v8.36 and OpenSSL 1.0.1j.
  • It will update the default DCC accept and ignore file types lists.
  • It will fix DCC Chat speech bug, and so much more.
  • This software is very much user friendly and it is an easy interface software.
  • This app is easy to download and install in your system.
What's New..?
  • Fixed on BAN/UNBAN event bug that caused it to not be triggered on mode +b/-b events.
  • Updated channels /list feature to send *matchtext* to server in LIST request on Undernet and Quakenet.
  • Fixed DCC Send file dialog nickname combobox being incorrectly sized.
  • Fixed $sdir() new file dialogs not handling invalid path names.
  • Fixed $sfile() new file dialogs not filling in filename editbox.
  • Fixed tray tips bug that caused gpf triggered by right-click on tray tip.
  • Fixed tray tips and speech bug in formatting of text for multiple mode changes.
  • Updated installer to re-use default NSIS uninstall executable. 

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